Waterloo Sunset

Wterloo Sunset is a song that was composed and produced by Kinks frontman Ray Davies in 1967 and is one of the band’s best known and most acclaimed songs. The lyrics describe a solitary narrator watching (or imagining) two lovers passing over a bridge, with the observer reflecting on the couple, the Thames, and Waterloo station. Highly esteemed for its musical and lyrical qualities, the song is commonly the subject of study in university arts courses.

The guests

Allan Moore is a musicologist, pianist, composer and Professor Emeritus at the University of Surrey. We listen to (and watch, because it is a short video) him as he explains what is so special about the song Waterloo Sunset, especially at the end of the sisties. he analyses both the lyrics and the music and how the two elements interact effectively.

Allison Adams is an artist from the USA. She met her husband Vernon in England. They got married and went to live in California where Vernon worked as a type setter. Allison describes how one day Vernon had a terrible accident driving home on his scooter. This is a dramatic story of perseverance and solidarity that will leave no one indifferent. I cut the interview up into 3 parts and pre-teach vocabulary and concepts for each one, always with images or video clips.

Different musicians comment on Ray Davies and on the song Waterloo Sunset. People like David Bowie, Paul Weller, Elvis Costello show their appreciation of the writing, melody and performance of the song.