Shows for EOI

Face the Music
For this show especially designed for Escuelas Oficiales de Idiomas, I have selected great Folk and Rock songs that I play on accoustic guitar and for which I have prepared several themes that I talk about in between songs. Apart from providing anecdotes about the songs and the artists themselves, I cover concepts like Close Harmony, A Capella, Reason & Rhyme, Allitteration and playing styles for the guitar such as Strumming and Fingerpicking, as well as dealing with the instruments I use (guitar, harmonica) and complementary devices like the capo and the pick.

The online shows for EOI can also be done live. for the same price as printed below.

Price for the shows
1 session: 400,.
2 sessions (same or different): 600,-
This includes travel expenses (toll roads, gasoline, Hotel rooms)
At IESs students usually pay for the activity, but if the school (IES or EOI) pays for it and needs an invoice, I can make one with 0% IVA* through our academy Alma Mater Ávila, as it is a didactic activity and considered a Masterclass.
*Factura exenta de IVA, en virtud del Artículo 20.9 de la Ley 37/1992 sobre el Impuesto sobre el Valor Anadido.
If your secretary prefers to work with IRPF retention, the total sum would be 470,50 of which 15% the school retains for Hacienda

→ 470,50 – 70,50 (15%) = 400,- (For 600 the numbers are 705,88 – 105,88 (15%) = 600,-

I always bring my own equipment: Soundsystem, projector and screen and lights. If some of these elements are in place at the venue, I might make use of those. I need about an hour and a half (preferably 2) to set everything up, so the room, or Assembly Hall, or the (local) theatre has to be free for that too.
My soundsystem is powerful for rooms up to 400 students, depending a little on the acoustics. Most rooms are smaller, though.

The Venue
It is best for this activity to have a stage with a big screen as in many Assembly Halls, or local theatres. Below is a picture of how I prepared the stage for a show at EOI Ávila (the black curtains at the back are mine. I use them to cover up things and make the stage look nicer, if necessary.